Feed Grinding & Mixing

At Lehman Feed Mill, we have the ability to shell off ear corn, and we can crimp or grind your corn or ear corn to put in your ration. We offer a large selection of feed ingredients and supplements to make the ration you need for your livestock.

Feed Delivery

Lehman Feed Mill offers delivery services for bagged and bulk feed orders. Customers may also choose to call Lehman Feed Mill to place a feed order and schedule a pick-up time. If a customer is unavailable to pick up a feed order during regular business hours, the staff at Lehman Feed Mill will set the feed out for them to pick up at their convenience.

Custom Crop Services

Lehman Feed Mill offers custom application services to our customers. Services we offer include spreading fertilizer, gypsum, and Hi Cal Lime. We offer straight rate and variable rate application of these products. We provide application of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizer.

Trucking Services

Lehman Feed Mill provides trucking services for our customers. We have dump trailers, liquid tankers, a dry van trailer, flatbed trailers, and hopper trailers available to help move your products. Give us a call today to schedule a load or for additional information on this service.

Soil, Plant Tissue & Manure Sampling

Lehman Feed Mill offers soil, plant tissue, and manure sampling to customers. If desired, we can pull soil samples and prepare them for lab testing. Our Certified Crop Advisor is available to provide recommendations and nutrient management plans for you based on the testing results. Whether you are a career farmer or hobby gardener, we are available to help you with all your soil needs.

Drive Through Services

We offer drive-through loading services to our customers during normal businesses hours. Our warehouse is designed to allow customers to drive-through and have products loaded by our friendly staff.