Lehman’s Lawn Herbicide

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Lehman Feed Mill’s
Lawn and Property Herbicide Recommendations
Mec Amine D- spray yard with Mec Amine D in the spring and fall to help control dandelions and other broad leaves 4-5 oz/gal of water
Malathion- Insecticide that is safe to spray around the house or in the yard to help control insects. 4-5 oz per gal of water
Tempo- Insecticide that is safe to spray around house or in yard to help control insects and mosquitoes. 8ml per gal of water
Buccaneer Plus- (Generic Roundup) use to spray around trees, around edges of house, and driveways. DON’T USE ON YOUR GRASS OR FLOWERS Mix 4-5oz per gal of water
Pramitol 25E- use to spray on bare ground or driveways where you don’t want anything to grow. You want to be careful not so spray Pramitol in areas that can run off into a yard; it can leach off in a heavy rain. Use 6 oz per gal of water. (Using with Buccaneer Plus will help with weed kill also)
Crossroads- This is a brush killer herbicide, you spray the underbrush and trees you want to kill, to help remove with this product. 5oz per gal of water, best results add 5 oz/gal of water of Crop Oil.

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